Testimonials from our clients:

ICS Agency offered me the chance to find me a job where previous experience was not necessary, so I can start my way in the labor market and gain experience.

Maria Chebaru

I wanted to pursue a career in IT, but I did not know where to start. With the help of the agency I understand now that IT has many branches and that according to my abilities and interests I should specialize in one of them. Once this choice was made, finding a suitable job remained their task. In less than 2 weeks I had my first interview.

Radu Popescu

Although I had a long experience in sales, most companies wanted to start my work from an entry-level. With ICS Agency I managed to get a sales management position, the employer they recommended gave me the opportunity to demonstrate my previous experience and lead a sales team.

Beatrice Andone

With the completion of a college specializing in science of communication, I am experiencing some difficulty in finding a job in which I can apply the theory learned in school. The agency easily saw my communication skills and oriented me towards a job that involves constant interaction with customers. Here I can improve my knowledge in communication sciences and aim for a higher position once I gain the necessary experience.

Victor Dobre

During college it is quite hard to find a part-time job to reconcile with the school program. With ICS, I managed to find a part-time job that will give me time to study. Besides that, I have a professional activity where I can have the opportunity to go on a full-time after the graduation.

Angela Marinescu

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